motorola HC05 mask sets

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Hi all,

I am a hardware repair technician, and deal with the below MCU with mask sets: Im in need of some help of possibly an engineer that may know?

MC68HC705X32 CFU4 0D69J

MC68HC705X32 CFU4 1D69J 

MC68HC705X32 CFU4 0D62J 

MC68HC705X32 CFU4 2D59J 

MC68HC705X32 CFU4 0D53J 

MC68HC705X32 CFU4 0G47V 

MC68HC705X32 CFU4 1G47V 

Does any one know if these mask sets are interchangeable? if i replace a 0D69J with a 0G47V??

From the data sheet the most information i can find about the difference of the masks is below (copied from data sheet)

1.2 Mask options for the MC68HC05X16

The MC68HC05X16 has six mask options that are programmed during manufacture and must be

specified on the order form.

Oscillator division ratio selection (divide-by-2, -4, -8 or -10) Oscillator start-up delay following power-on or STOP (tPORL) = 16 or 4064 cycles Automatic watchdog enable/disable following a power-on or external reset Watchdog enable/disable during WAIT mode Wired-OR interrupt enable Resistive pull-downs on ports B and/or C

Note: It is recommended that an external clock is always used if tPORL is set to 16 cycles. This

will prevent any problems arising from oscillator stability when the device is put into

STOP mode.

Does this mean the differences are specifically programming, and the chips are identical on a hardware level????

Can i get a completely blank MC68HC705X32 CFU4 0D69J and program it with a 1G47V's data and will it work in circuit? just as the original 0D69J??

From suppliers of this chip i have been told the mask set number is a batch production number? can anyone confirm this also? as that would mea also they are interchangeable.

Any help is much appreciated

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Reply by Bob11October 4, 2021

I'm familiar with the 68HC05 from many many moons ago, but not this specific part. The only way to know for sure is to contact the manufacturer (Freescale/NXP?) and hope someone is still around that knows the history of these old Motorola parts. The data sheet isn't very informative, and I suspect most of the engineers that designed with this part have retired. The MOR (Mask Option Register) for the 68HC705X32 D59J as described in Appendix B.7 of the data sheet includes bits such as 'Watchdog:Enabled or Disabled)' which can certainly cause software grief if they come programmed with the wrong polarity. However, as the only non-ROM part, perhaps the manufacturer doesn't actually mask-program the 68HC705X32 parts at the factory (as they have to for the 68HC05X ROM versions) but delivers them in some default state (ie just a batch production number as you note)? If so and if desperate, the other option is to get a few of whatever mask you can and give it a try.

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Reply by danielekOctober 4, 2021

Yes im going to have to trial it.

As form my understanding reading the data sheet, is the mask function programmed into the chip in factory? and the mask number printed on the chip represents the programming selection?

Because the replacement chips im getting now are completely blank, which would mean if i copy the data from the original chips and load it into the blank replacement, the mask programming would be transferred over also

also the in 705X, the 7 represents it is a secure chip with a security byte to read the data, and the 05 is unsecure.

What about with the HC08 and the S12 and st12 series chips with mask sets? as i work with these families also and have the same question, are the mask sets interchangeable?