Free Goodies from Embedded World - Full Inventory and Upcoming Draw Live-Streaming Date

Stephane BoucherMarch 22, 20191 comment

Chances are that you already know that I went to Embedded World a few weeks ago and came back with a bag full of "goodies".  Initially, my vision was to do a single draw for one person to win it all, but I didn't expect to come back with so much stuff and so many development kits.   Based on your feedback, it seems like you guys agree that It wouldn't make sense for one person to win everything as no-one could make good use of all the boards and there would be lots of waste.  

So let's do many winners.


What better way to do the first draw than LIVE on EmbeddedRelated.tv.  After all, this whole idea is about rewarding people who have and are still helping me spread the word about EmbeddedRelated.tv on social medias.

So mark you calendar: Friday March 29th at 1pm EST, I will go live @ EmbeddedRelated.tv and draw the name of a lucky winner who will get to choose first a couple of items from the list down below.  

In the meantime, you can still participate and get a chance to win by liking and/or sharing the following posts on Linkedin and Twitter:

Here's the full inventory of things to win.

Development kits/boards

Artix-7 FPGA Development Board for Makers and Hobbyists (value: $119 - status: gone!)

Arty is a ready-to-use development platform designed around the Artix-7™ Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) from Xilinx. It was designed specifically for use as a MicroBlaze Soft Processing System. When used in this context, Arty becomes an incredibly flexible processing platform, capable of adapting to whatever your project requires. Unlike other single board computers, Arty isn't bound to a single set of processing peripherals; one moment it's a communication powerhouse chock-full of UARTs, SPIs, IICs, and an Ethernet MAC, and the next it's a meticulous timekeeper with a dozen 32-bit timers. Additionally, with the universally popular expansion headers (Arduino™ R3 Headers and our Pmod™ headers), Arty will become the most adaptable tool in your project tool box.

Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 (Value: $100 - status: gone!)

The Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2 (Intel® NCS 2) is purpose built for computer vision and AI inference applications, making it faster and easier to develop products for the network edge. Based on the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™ X vision processing unit (VPU), Intel NCS 2 boosts performance up to 8x1 over the previous generation for running deep neural networks. Combining it with the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit gives you an optimized development kit for computer vision and AI.

Discovery kit with STM32MP157C MPU (value $99)

The STM32MP157A-DK1 and STM32MP157C-DK2 Discovery kits leverage the capabilities of STM32MP1 Series microprocessors to allow users easily develop applications using STM32 MPU OpenSTLinux Distribution software for the main processor and STM32CubeMP1 software for the co-processor.

Discovery kit with STM32F769NI MCU (value: $88)

The STM32F7 discovery kit allows users to develop and share applications with the STM32F7 Series microcontrollers based on the ARM®Cortex®-M7 core. The discovery kit enables a wide diversity of applications taking benefit from audio, multi- sensor support, graphics, security, video and high-speed connectivity features. The Arduino™connectivity support provides unlimited expansion capabilities with a large choice of specialized add-on boards.

UNO WIFI REV2 (value: $45 - donated by Mouser)

Add WiFi to your devices with the Arduino Uno WiFi. It's basically an Arduino Uno Rev3 with more kick: It comes with a brand new 8-bit microprocessor from Microchip, and an onboard IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit). As for the WiFi connection, that's made secure with the new ECC608 crypto chip accelerator.

STM32WB55 Nucleo Pack (value: $44)

The P-NUCLEO-WB55 pack is a multi-protocol wireless and ultra-low-power device embedding a powerful and ultra-low-power radio compliant with the Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) SIG specification v5.0 and with IEEE 802.15.4-2011.

PocketBeagle (value: $25 - status: gone!)

PocketBeagle is an ultra-tiny-yet-complete open-source USB-key-fob computer. PocketBeagle features an incredible low cost, slick design and simple usage, making PocketBeagle the ideal development board for beginners and professionals alike.

Cypress CY4533 EZ-PD™ BCR Evaluation Kit (value: $25)

The CY4533 EZ-PD™ Barrel Connector Replacement (BCR) Evaluation Kit (EVK) is based on the BCR product in Cypress’ USB Type-C and Power Delivery controllers. This EVK is intended to be an evaluation vehicle for applications that would want to consume power over a USB Type-C Connector. A device, such as a speaker, shaver, power tools, modem etc. that use a barrel connector for power will benefit from using a universal power interface such as USB Type-C. To make the transition easier, the CY4533 EVK provides a USB Type-C receptacle to consume power from a charger and then supply it over a terminal block. A barrel connector can be attached to this block using wires to convert a barrel input to USB Type-C. 

STM32 Nucleo-32 development board

  • ARM®Cortex®-M0+ core at 64MHz
  • 64 Kbytes of Flash memory, 8Kbytes of SRAM
  • Extension connectors: Arduino Nano
  • Embedded ST-LINK/V2-1 debugger/programmer

STM32G071 Nucleo-64 Kit (value: $10)

The STM32 Nucleo-64 boards provide an affordable and flexible way for users to try out new concepts and build prototypes with the STM32 microcontrollers, choosing from various combinations of performance, power consumption and features. For the compatible boards, the SMPS significantly reduces power consumption in Run mode.

The Arduino™ Uno V3 connectivity support and the ST morpho headers allow the easy expansion of the functionality of the STM32 Nucleo open development platform with a wide choice of specialized shields.

The STM32 Nucleo-64 board does not require any separate probe as it integrates the ST-LINK/V2-1 debugger and programmer.

The STM32 Nucleo-64 board comes with the STM32 comprehensive software HAL library together with various packaged software examples, as well as direct access to the Arm® Mbed™ online resources at http://mbed.org.

BBC micro:bit (value: $15 - donated by Adacore)

The BBC micro:bit is a handheld, programmable micro-computer that can be used for all sorts of cool creations, from robots to musical instruments – the possibilities are endless.

Discovery kit with STM8L001J3,STM8L050J3,STM8S001J3 MCUs (value: $14)

The STM8-SO8-DISCO helps to discover features of STM8S Value Line and STM8L Value Line devices available in SO8 packages. This discovery kit offers three SO8 to DIL8 modules designed with STM8S001J3M3, STM8L001J3M3 and STM8L050J3M3 microcontrollers, and allows the user to easily develop and share applications. It includes an on-board ST-LINK/V2 to debug and program any of the embedded STM8 microcontrollers, or even an external target by means of a SWIM connector. The STM8-SO8-DISCO is operated by simply plugging it into a PC through a standard USB Type-A to Micro-B cable.

NFC card reader expansion board based on ST25R3911B for STM32 and STM8 Nucleos (value: $15)

The X-NUCLEO-NFC05A1 is an NFC card reader expansion board based on the ST25R3911B. The expansion board is configured to support ISO14443A/B, ISO15693, FeliCa™ and AP2P communication. By default, a VHBR compatible matching is populated to achieve bit rates up to 3.4 Mbps. The ST25R3911B manages frame coding and decoding in reader mode for standard applications, such as NFC, proximity and vicinity HF RFID standards. The ST25R3911B supports ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and B, ISO/IEC 15693 (single Subcarrier only) and ISO/IEC 18092 communication protocols. It also supports the detection, reading and writing of NFC Forum Type 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 tags. It contains a low power capacitive sensor that can be used for ultra-low power wake-up without switching the reader field on. Traditional inductive wake-up to select amplitude or phase measurement can be used as well. Furthermore, the automatic antenna tuning (AAT) technology enables operations close to metallic parts and/or in changing environments.

ST25R3916 Discovery Kit (value: ? - not yet released).

ST25TA Tag Bag (value: $10)

The ST25-TAG-BAG-E is a ready-to-use tag set. The ST25-TAG-BAG-E contains eight different items based on ST25TA02K and ST25TA64K, two NFC Forum Type 4 Tag ICs with, respectively, 2-Kbit and 64-Kbit EEPROM (more info on www.st.com). These ICs are combined with antennas of different size and material, to address different applications. The ST25-TAG-BAG-E is intended for evaluation of the ST25TA series NFC tags, belonging to the ST25T product family, offering a wide range of NFC/RFID tags with 512 bits to 64 Kbits memory size, and including both short (ISO/IEC 14443 Type A and Type B) and long range (ISO/IEC 15693) products.

Other Goodies

Briefcase & Notebook by Teamviewer (status: gone)

Cool Micro-USB, Lightning and USB-C cable from Rohm.

Coffee cups from St Microelectronics, Mouser and Silicon Labs.

Texas Instruments Stojo Collapsible Cup

T-Shirt by Percepio

Amazon AWS socks

Luggage strap, flashlight, key chain from IAR.

Padfolio / Writing Cast by Silicon Labs (status: gone)

USB, USB-C, Lightning charging cable by Embit

Notebooks by Wisebatt, Silicon Labs and On Semiconductors

Webcam cover by Silicon Labs

That's it!  Don't forget to tune-in to the weekly live-streaming draws where all these things will be won by people like you who are helping me spread the word on Social Medias.  

Good luck!  

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Comment by sdbranamApril 22, 2020

Cool! I'm working on a blog post for EmbeddedRelated on doing command-line cross development on a Raspberry Pi host for an STM32 Nucleo-L476RG target. Why? Because you can!

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