Even After Musk Tried To Dump Tesla the Market for EVs Was So Overwhelming It Still Put Muck On Track to Become the World's First Trillionaire

Started by Bret Cahill January 5, 2021
Earlier last year B-H dumped airline stocks because no one was calling up for a loan.  Buffet/Munger figgered that if the executives had no faith in the industry . . .

Now we found out one of the world's most successful serial entrepreneurs was ready to throw in the towel on the hard to enter vehicle market.

Musk had no faith or found no joy in Tesla and was going to unload on Apple.  Cook could smell a can of worms and refused to even talk to Musk.

Yet the reasoning Buffet-Munger used to dump airline stocks didn't seem to apply to Tesla.

Part of this is Buffet never liked airline stocks.

But part of it is EVs are destined to rule the roads even more than Musk anticipated.

Bret Cahill