Troubleshooting Analog Circuits

Robert A. Pease 1991

With this disk and book, you now have an interactive package to improve your skills in analog circuit design and troubleshooting. You will find advice on using simple equipment to troubleshoot (would you believe an ordinary AM radio?); step-by-step procedures for analog troubleshooting methods; and generous helpings of Bob's unique insights, humor, and philosophy on analog circuits.

Not only does Bob walk you through his best troubleshooting methods, but now you can actually simulate it on the computer alongside! See the results as you go, before you build the actual circuit. With the integrated disk and Electronics Workbench's simulation software, you can now manipulate the circuits to try new configurations, replacement components, changed conditions - whatever your needs are.

Bob Pease is one of the legends of analog design. At National Semiconductor, he is a senior scientist in industrial linear-IC design. His humor and battle-tested methods make learning an entertaining experience.
Interactive Image Technologies is the developer of Electronics Workbench simulation software. This electronics lab in a computer makes designing and troubleshooting circuits faster and easier.

Proven methods for troubleshooting analog circuits
CD-ROM with pre-built Electronics Workbench circuits
Electronics Workbench software demo