Shane Kennedy (@sbkenn)

Inventor, mariner, all round engineer. Industrial experience in production test, some embedded, but mostly hardware, circuit design. Too may ideas, and not enough time to develop them.

Re: Single channel synchronous rectifier

Reply posted 3 years ago (02/20/2021)
Yay.  Thanks.  A matter of knowing what the manufacturer calls them.  Unfortunately, no high current internal FET ones, but it is a good start.

Single channel synchronous rectifier

New thread started 3 years ago
I posted this as part of a previous note:  Is anyone aware of an integrated single channel synchronous rectifier ?  I want to turn on a MosFET whenever the parasitic...

Re: Programable monostable

Reply posted 3 years ago (02/20/2021)
Unfortunately, there seem to only work as oscillators, albeit with duty-cycle control.  I want to trigger single pulses, preferably with a digitally programmed...

Programable monostable

New thread started 3 years ago
Hi.  Is anyone aware of a programmable monostable from about 100nS pulse width, upwards.Is anyone aware of a MOSFet that incorporates a control for synchronous...

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