Tim Wescott is the owner of Wescott Design Services. He specializes in pragmatic methods to apply control theory to embedded systems projects. Mr. Wescott teaches and consults in the area of control systems, with occasional digressions into communications systems. He is the author of Applied Control Theory for Embedded Systems, plus numerous magazine and on-line articles.

Stability or insanity

Tim Wescott May 17, 20161 comment

I've just spent over two weeks getting ready to do my next video.  It was a combination of one of those vast underestimations one occasionally makes, combined with falling into a bit of an obsession.

I am, at this point, not only wondering if it was worth it, but questioning my sanity in carrying on even when the going went beyond tough to just plain crazy.

At any rate, a good video needs a visual aid, and I decided that my video needed to demonstrate stability with a pendulum....

PID Without a PhD

Tim Wescott April 26, 201611 comments

I both consult and teach in the area of digital control. Through both of these efforts, I have found that while there certainly are control problems that require all the expertise I can bring to bear, there are a great number of control problems that can be solved with the most basic knowledge of simple controllers, without resort to any formal control theory at all.

This article will tell you how to implement a simple controller in software and how to tune it without getting into heavy...

Re: Audio system - wrong caps installed at factory?

Reply posted 1 month ago (03/04/2021)
Usually when two related things break, it's because something died and took them with it.  I don't see how the cap could have taken out the chip, or visa-versa.So...

Re: DIY hi-fi

Reply posted 2 years ago (03/24/2019)
Visual differences between tubes of the same type, even the same type and brand, is to be expected.Did you measure the voltage across the 1k-ohm cathode to plate...

Re: DIY hi-fi

Reply posted 2 years ago (03/22/2019)
If you end up replacing the transformer, note that you don't need to get one transformer that does it all -- you can get separate transformers for each output voltage,...

Re: DIY hi-fi

Reply posted 2 years ago (03/22/2019)
If it was working OK at first, and then stopped, then something broke.  It sounds like one or more turns shorted in the transformer, which certainly should not...

Re: PCB simulation and layout

Reply posted 4 years ago (02/24/2017)
Another vote for KiCad and LTSpice.I don't think it's a good idea to try for whole-board simulation.  Break your board into logical blocks (i.e., this amplifier,...
It looks like you're getting at least a 2nd-order highpass response to of the displacement there, and not the displacement itself, which is to be expected with a...
Questions you need answers for:How often do you need the data (alternately, what bandwidth do you need)?How accurate is the sensor supposed to be?What is the sensor's...

Building the pendulum demonstrator

New thread started 5 years ago
I show how I built the demonstrator for my systems & stability video.  It's an electromechanical pendulum, and it's kewl -- or it was, until I broke it making...

Re: Do animated gifs work

Reply posted 5 years ago (04/27/2016)
Thanks for checking, and for the suggested work-around.

Re: Do animated gifs work

Reply posted 5 years ago (04/27/2016)
Would Gibbs recognize this?

Re: Do animated gifs work

Reply posted 5 years ago (04/27/2016)
Hmph.  I guess not.  Dangit.  @stephaneb!

Do animated gifs work

New thread started 5 years ago
This is a self-answering post: if the picture below is moving, the answer is "yes, animated gifs do work".  The only remaining question is for Stephane, about whether...

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