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Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 2 hours ago

Add a SAM D21-powered POV display to your fidget spinner:


adafruit industries (@adafruit) 6 hours ago

Glow-in-the-dark bike paths


adafruit industries (@adafruit) 4 hours ago

LEGO-Inspired Kits Let You Produce Pixelated Cat Sculptures to Roam Your Home


Design News (@DesignNews) 17 hours ago

Grab a spot in this course on Designing using the


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 13 hours ago

That will never bother me again


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 19 hours ago

In pursuit of ever-faster charging times, having a precise current-control loop is vital. Learn more on our blog:…


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 19 hours ago

These students built a programmable, sequenced wavetable synthesizer with the PIC32:…


MicrochipTech (@MicrochipTech) 24 hours ago

Can you hear the music? Save $60 on Audio Development Board for dsPIC33E and create high-quality audio applications…


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 1 hour ago

The LEDAR is an open source, programmable reflectometer/proximity smart sensor based on the ATtiny85:…


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 23 hours ago

This is how you can get unprecedented current-loop performance from an off-the-shelf !


Maxim Integrated (@maximintegrated) 18 hours ago

monitoring IC has built-in R-R detection and several other features that make it perfect for a wearable single…


MicrochipTech (@MicrochipTech) 20 hours ago

New ATA65XX family of CAN FD/CAN PN transceivers offers high-temperature variants for harsh automotive environment…


IDT Inc. (@IDTInc) 22 hours ago

- Selected to Provide High-Efficiency Solution for LG Latest Flagshi…


Maxim Integrated (@maximintegrated) 14 hours ago

Looking for expert guidance & IC selection advice for your latest design challenges? Check out our Design Solutions…


Maxim Integrated (@maximintegrated) 17 hours ago

A “simple” battery voltage monitor will not be very accurate due to the effects of temperature and internal resista…


STMicroelectronics (@ST_World) 14 minutes ago

.@SensorsExpoBusy day: workshops. presentations, demos. Stop by booth 816.


STMicroelectronics (@ST_World) 10 hours ago

STNRGPF01: The PFC Digital Controller with a Touch of Analog and a GUI


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 1 hour ago

Driverless cars: Kangaroos throwing off animal detection software: via


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 14 hours ago

BM235 multimeters are finally back in stock after several delays. Might have a sale for my mailing list newsletter……


Electronic Design (@ElectronicDesgn) 55 minutes ago

The Changing Nature of Automotive Technology


MicrochipTech (@MicrochipTech) 22 hours ago

Are you ready to get inspired? Follow us to see projects, campaigns and more from Makers, startups…


STMicroelectronics (@ST_World) 23 hours ago

Don't miss free Webinar about in on June 29 at 9:00 am (PST), Register Now!


Vishay (@VishayIndust) 54 minutes ago

.@VishayIndust RCWK0306 thick film chip resistors deliver increased accuracy, save space and reduce component count…


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 1 hour ago

Learn how we're preparing the next generation of via hands-on learning:


Open Electronics (@OpenElectronics) 7 hours ago

Adafruit Has Announced Two New Products: Pysense and Pytrack Boards.


Silicon Labs (@siliconlabs) 2 hours ago

Today we launched the industry's lowest any-frequency . Learn more:…


Silicon Labs (@siliconlabs) 23 hours ago

Have questions about ? Review technical FAQs answered by our experts, here:


Analog Devices, Inc. (@ADI_News) 2 hours ago

The floor opens at 10AM San Jose time! Come by booth 516 to test your strength carnival-style with our…


ON Semiconductor (@onsemi) 19 hours ago

Enhancing image performance with the launch of our new KAI-29052 image sensor.


Electronic Design (@ElectronicDesgn) 5 hours ago

Meet the Winners of the Formula Hybrid Competition 2017


Jeff Keyzer (@mightyohm) 15 hours ago

Nice article in about the Georgetown Steam Plant: Worth a visit!


Open Electronics (@OpenElectronics) 2 hours ago

Stack based solutions for image processing at the Edge and Cloud – Nick Ni & Adam Taylor


Jeff Keyzer (@mightyohm) 20 hours ago

Just ordered a new USB EPROM programmer (GQ-4X). Old programmer needs a parallel port. New PC does not have one!


IDT Inc. (@IDTInc) 17 minutes ago

REMINDER -Free Webinar happening today @ 12ET/9PT Click to register - Is Synchronization i…


CypressSemiconductor (@CypressSemi) 20 hours ago

This controlled chandelier is so bright, you'll want your shades on! 😎 


EE Journal (@EEJournalTFM) 24 hours ago

Business Model Bingo: Matching the Machine to the Money --


Infineon4Engineers (@Infineon4Engi) 24 hours ago

Multicopters are a huge hit in the consumer market. Join this webinar to see how Infineon helps you getting started…


Vishay (@VishayIndust) 24 hours ago

Learn more about the new and improved technologies behind Vishay’s 2017 “Super 12” featured products…


Design News (@DesignNews) 22 hours ago

7 Simple Ways to Protect Yourself Against


Jeff Keyzer (@mightyohm) 20 hours ago

Just ordered a new USB EPROM programmer (GQ-4X). My old programmer needs a parallel port. New PC does not have one.


IDT Inc. (@IDTInc) 20 hours ago

Live Event! (In Chinese) "A View From the Other Side of the Chasm…


Design News (@DesignNews) 19 hours ago

Here are some guidelines for choosing an effective network to support the industrial internet of things:


Parallax Inc. (@ParallaxInc) 18 hours ago

Hey ! Visit Matt & Miguel in Booth 653 and see BlocklyProp programming in action.


ON Semiconductor (@onsemi) 16 hours ago

Improving the things that matter automakers with our True Grade 0 Automotive EEPROMs.


Rohde & Schwarz (@RohdeSchwarz) 5 hours ago

New press release: CommSolid and Rohde & Schwarz completed first NB-IoT GCF test campaign -


Parallax Inc. (@ParallaxInc) 40 minutes ago

Clearing out the warehouse! Get a super deal during our Inventory Clearance Sale. Final sale prices end in .87…


EE Journal (@EEJournalTFM) 31 minutes ago

Patent Trolls Take a Hike: U.S. Supreme Court Decision Will Make Trolling Less Attractive --