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adafruit industries (@adafruit) 8 hours ago

How Transistors Work Explained with 3D Printing by


Infineon4Engineers (@Infineon4Engi) 10 hours ago

Working on a multi-motor project? Our DC motor shield for Arduino drives up to 6 small DC motors in parallel mode:…


adafruit industries (@adafruit) 4 hours ago

for everyone wondering about here is the artist and site (th…


Analog Devices, Inc. (@ADI_News) 7 hours ago

Inside the Cornucopia Project hoophouse, where our environmental sensing tech is helping grow better .


adafruit industries (@adafruit) 16 hours ago

Meet Singularity Black, the Blackest Paint on the Market


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 14 hours ago

Check out this blog to learn extra tricks to increase battery life:


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 22 hours ago

Read how to use current to drive solenoids & relays from an array of voltages on@ElectronicDesgn…


Analog Devices, Inc. (@ADI_News) 8 hours ago

Now available: ADRF6821 450 MHz to 2800 MHz, DPD RFIC with Integrated Fractional-N PLL and VCO.…


MicrochipTech (@MicrochipTech) 6 hours ago

Zymkey 4i from integrates our ATECC508A to provide hardware-rooted key storage for Raspberry Pi® projects…


Rohde & Schwarz (@RohdeSchwarz) 11 hours ago

When you need an ideal clock source, you should consider the R&S SMA100B. See yourself in our free application card


NXP (@NXP) 13 hours ago

Do you want to know how Apple's support for pushes mobile government services? Learn more in our latest articl…


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 6 hours ago

Control your pixels over Wi-Fi with the ATxmega128A4U-based Chromatron:


Silicon Labs (@siliconlabs) 10 hours ago

Get answers from our experts during our upcoming live webinar. Save your spot now:…


Analog Devices, Inc. (@ADI_News) 9 hours ago

In addition to technical training, ADI provides funds to the Cornucopia Project to teach students how can impr…


Rohde & Schwarz (@RohdeSchwarz) 10 hours ago

Need to perform NB-IoT field measurements? Rely on the Mobile Network Testing pioneers from Rohde & Schwarz…


Silicon Labs (@siliconlabs) 5 hours ago

What are some advantages of mesh networks, and how does compare to existing Mesh tech in the ?


MicrochipTech (@MicrochipTech) 8 hours ago

Our Low-Power Touch-Enabled LCD Demonstration features the PIC16(L)F19197 family of eXtreme Low Power 8-bit MCUs…


Maxim Integrated (@maximintegrated) 5 hours ago

Read how companies are using secure microcontrollers to protect the privacy of PC users & POS financial transaction…


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 10 hours ago

Speeduino is an Arduino-based, fully-featured ECU:


Open Electronics (@OpenElectronics) 15 hours ago

VoltaStream ZERO: the Perfect Choice for Music Streaming


Microchip Makes (@MicrochipMakes) 4 hours ago

Instead of buying a cheap replacement, this Maker built his own IR remote from scratch:


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 2 hours ago

We are at Mucus DEFCON level GREEN. Good to know my immune system still works.


EE Journal (@EEJournalTFM) 5 hours ago

In our newest article, Kevin Morris investigates why design tools are so BAD --


STMicroelectronics (@ST_World) 12 hours ago

Find out how solutions improve your life!


CypressSemiconductor (@CypressSemi) 6 hours ago

.@Apple may be looking to sensors to improve vehicle-to-vehicle communication and reduce car crashes 🚗 


CypressSemiconductor (@CypressSemi) 5 hours ago

Today marks the 30th Anniversary of ! We take a look back at the popular game in our latest blog:…


MicrochipTech (@MicrochipTech) 4 hours ago

Discover how offset error and gain error can affect the performance of an analog-to-digital converter:


Maxim Integrated (@maximintegrated) 3 hours ago

Which displays have zero probability of EOL? Cardboard & Crayons; here, LCD stands for "Large Crayon Display" or "L…


Texas Instruments (@TXInstruments) 6 hours ago

Achieve the ultimate interoperability with the CC3220 LaunchPad development kit and


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 12 hours ago

If I do a video tomorrow I might need to be drugged up.


Maxim Integrated (@maximintegrated) 8 hours ago

MAX77756 has a dual input well suited diode ORing circuit that allows the chip to power from the external USB sourc…


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 1 hour ago

Hey If I have this right, I can only host files from my own local hard drive? Why not a cloud drive direct URL? Local is so 2000's


ON Semiconductor (@onsemi) 4 hours ago

Let an engineer help you troubleshoot your comparator problems in this blog.


Vishay (@VishayIndust) 9 hours ago

New infographic highlights variety of case size options for Vishay’s IHLP® inductors


Parallax Inc. (@ParallaxInc) 2 hours ago

Friend of Parallax, Tracy Allen, co-authored a paper in the journal Sensors. Read it here:


Parallax Inc. (@ParallaxInc) 9 hours ago

Learn with the Robot Shield with Arduino, a complete kit with a printed textbook. $179


ON Semiconductor (@onsemi) 59 minutes ago

Find out why technology is at the heart of the growth of vehicles.


ON Semiconductor (@onsemi) 5 hours ago

Yesterday, engineers in Schaumburg, IL used our PYTHON 1300 Image Sensors to take pictures of the…


Design News (@DesignNews) 3 hours ago

New offers more reliable, lower power, smaller option over traditional FPGAs for aero & defense


Electronic Design (@ElectronicDesgn) 15 hours ago

TCG Rolls the DICE for Automotive Security


NXP (@NXP) 4 hours ago

Missed in Detroit last week? Check out these picks from .


Silicon Labs (@siliconlabs) 13 hours ago

Some breakthroughs come from intensive planning and design, but others from pure inspiration. Read more here:


NXP (@NXP) 11 hours ago

Want to know how opening moves mobile government services forward? Learn more in our article…


Electronic Design (@ElectronicDesgn) 10 hours ago

Taking Lithium-Ion Batteries to the Extreme


Cadence (@Cadence) 8 hours ago

Today on from SEMICON China 🇨🇳 (Faster Than You Think!) via


EE Journal (@EEJournalTFM) 6 hours ago

Why Are Design Tools So Bad? Or… What? Another bug? ---


EE Journal (@EEJournalTFM) 2 hours ago

New Featured Blog from ! "Closing Timing with Speedcore eFPGAs Made Easy" --


Renesas Electronics (@RenesasAmerica) 29 minutes ago

8/25 -- Free webinar hosted by explains best practices for balancing optimizations for embedded systems.…