Here we want to make a project for the medical equipment, ventilator. In this project, we can choose the language and function, and draw the respiratory waveform by the way of random number triggering. When the key is pressed, the MCU detects the pressing signal and starts to transmit the waveform data to the HMI display through the serial port The LCD screen uploads the data command, and then the screen will automatically analyze and display it on the screen by using the waveform control. The screen also has the adjustment function and the voice broadcast function.

That is, the following functions

① The serial port screen realizes the function of language selection;

 Realizes the function of sending touch command and switching pictures;

③ Single-chip microcomputer realizes the function of data command upload;

④ Realizes the real-time waveform display function.

After the function is determined, select the module model

 STVC101WT-01 is adopted for screen end;

 stm32f103rct6 is adopted for single-chip microcomputers;

 voice broadcast module.

video demo