Programable monostable

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Is anyone aware of a programmable monostable from about 100nS pulse width, upwards.

Is anyone aware of a MOSFet that incorporates a control for synchronous rectification.  i.e. Switches the main switch on when the parasitic diode is forward biased.  It seems to me that this could easily be achieved with the addition of a DC power pin to supply the control circuit.


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Reply by SparrowHawkPilotJanuary 27, 2021

Have you given these wonderful little timer solutions some thought?

I use them in all soerts of timer needs with and without an extra fet for open drain needs

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Reply by sbkennFebruary 20, 2021

Unfortunately, there seem to only work as oscillators, albeit with duty-cycle control.  I want to trigger single pulses, preferably with a digitally programmed pulse width.  I can do it with a PIC, but an off the shelf device is preferable.