Started by Fred Bloggs November 1, 2022
LONG BATTERY LIFE - High-powered battery combined with low-energy LED lights provides up to 60 hours of non-stop light up playtime. The Cipton Impact-Activated LED Golf Ball remains lit for 5 to 8 minutes after first impact, with a strong LED light visible from 100+ yards out.

Light up your Golf game with spectacular color-changing LED lights any time of day with the Cipton Illuminight Light Up Golf Ball. Each Cipton Golf Ball is equipped with low-energy battery powered LED lights, illuminating the entire Golf Ball and providing night time visibility 100+ yards out - brighter and more efficient than other "Glow In The Dark" Golf Balls.

Rain or shine, play your favorite games in all types of weather. The LED lights and batteries are safe and secure inside a battery cell in the ball. Bounce in puddles or even bring it in the pool and the ball will stay lit and the battery will not get damaged. The fun never has to stop.

Looks like they thought of everything except what use is it.