NAZI Technology: UFO/Flying Saucers/Drones in Ukraine vs Russia

Started by Skybuck Flying October 5, 2022
After 78 years the thruth about UFO/Flying Saucers/Drones is now out in the open for anybody to see in the Ukraine vs Russia war.

Especially on youtube, videos can be seen of drones hovering above soldiers and tanks dropping bombs onto them and at the same time filming it from the perspective of the drone.

Only now after 78 years the general public is starting to realize the effectiveness of UFO/Saucers/Drones that can lift off vertically and move side aways and then hover above targets for easy/simple dropping of bombs.

No runaways necessary that could be bomed. No runaways necessary to launch them. Can be launched anywhere on the battlefield and can land anywhere on the battlefield for re-arming.

At the end of War World 2 the NAZI invented the drone technology, and shielded it with covers giving it the classic saucer shape.

There were 3 designs:

1. One with a single propeller.
2. One with three propellers.
3. One with four propellers.

At the end of World War 2 USA stole a whole bunch of gold and technology and scientists from the NAZI/German. Most of that technology has already been seen, like flying wings, jet fighters, submarines, improved tanks, rockets and possibly the atomic bomb.

I am sure that once the generals of the USA army saw the flying drones/ufos/flying discs and their hovering capabilities, they were spooked white. They realized how powerfull this technology would have been if it were deployed on a mass scale, fortunately for them it was too late. What they did do is keep it top secret, above secret, beyond secret, for the last 78 years continueing to this day.

The flying UFO/Saucer/Disc is still the best kept secret of the United States, it's beyond the secrecy of the Atomic Bomb.

Why is this :

It's very simple:

Have you ever a large drone ? A flying disc ? I bet you have but only from a great distance, light bulbs in the sky. These are the USA observatory drones/UFOs observing your countries, a major tactical adventage in case of war, camera from the sky.

How come there are only videos of tiny little drones, which you can buy in stores. How come there are only pictures of tiny little drones on google images and youtube.

However recently a picture/video did leak out of a "super drone" and "big drone" when I saw it it became immediately apperent to me:

USA does posses and did develop the NAZI drones into SUPER ADVANCED DRONES.

It is undoubtly the best kept secret of the USA... because the DRONE/UFO is the anti soldier, anti tank... this is the lesson being learned in the Ukraine vs Russia war.

Question never was:

Do UFOs exist ? They do !

The real question is: How advanced have they become ?! ;)