OT: Walgreens closing 5 San Francisco stores due to shoplifting

Started by John Doe October 15, 2021
"the concepts "male" and "female" are essentially social constructions" (Bill Sloman)

"the Mueller investigation was about Trump only because Trump made it so" (paraphrased)

Bozo Bill Sloman is a Clown.
On 10/16/2021 11:13 PM, Anthony William Sloman wrote:
> On Saturday, October 16, 2021 at 3:52:09 PM UTC+11, Ed Lee wrote: >> On Friday, October 15, 2021 at 9:24:02 PM UTC-7, bitrex wrote: >>> On 10/16/2021 12:15 AM, bitrex wrote: >>>> On 10/15/2021 8:18 PM, Ed Lee wrote: >>>>> On Friday, October 15, 2021 at 4:46:49 PM UTC-7, bitrex wrote: >>>>>> On 10/15/2021 4:37 PM, Fred Bloggs wrote: >>>>>>> On Friday, October 15, 2021 at 3:50:20 PM UTC-4, John Doe wrote: >>>>>>>> The cannibal left wins again! >>>>>>> >>>>>>> They're not talking about ordinary petty shoplifting. They're >>>>>>> talking about organized shoplifting where they come in the store >>>>>>> with carts and trash bags and just clean the place out. The problem >>>>>>> with San Francisco is they let these people walk without jail time. >>>>>>> Heck, they probably up their monthly welfare benefits. Soon they'll >>>>>>> be complaining about the city being a pharmacy desert. >>>>>>> >>>>>> San Francisco recently sold all its public housing to private >>>>>> real-estate firms under the "Rental Assistance Demonstration" program, >>>>>> there won't be many welfare recipients in town much longer. Trump was >>>>>> one of the biggest supporters of expanding the program so you can guess >>>>>> about how effective it'll be to providing any housing to the destitute >>>>>> regularly >>>>> >>>>> Are you saying Trump is a socialist? Or for the best of the >>>>> community, a communist? >>>>> >>>> >>>> No, the Trump plan was to sell out a bunch of federal public housing to >>>> private property equity firms under a program that was designed with the >>>> understanding that public funds would be used to incentivize the private >>>> property management firms to fix them up, and contractually obligate >>>> them to keep X number of the units low income/section 8 housing. >> >> Karl Marx would argue that the government should just sell it to the residents, and provide incentive for them to maintain it. > > Why would you think that? Karl Marx died in 1883, by which time he'd been thrown out of the international socialist movement for advocating the undemocratic "leading role of the party" nonsense, which his fellow socialists - correctly - thought would lead to tyranny, as it did when Lenin put it into practice in Russia in 1917. > > Even Karl Marx would have had enough sense to realise that you can't sell housing to residents who don't have enough capital to buy a house, or enough income to properly maintain a house they are occupying. When you do have really gross income inequality - as you do in the United States - the poor are remarkably poor. > > > > Being exposed to people who are remarkably rich makes this even more depressing, > >> The government is still on the hook for sect 8 housing cost anyway. >> >>>> And then just not provide the money and not do any oversight on the program, so the private equity firms have no choice but to toss the seniors and disabled orphans. >> >> The residents would likely be converted to sect 8 anyway. Tossing them out? Fat chance. You don't know the SF court system. >> >>> I'm sorry I mean the thugged-out violent welfare queens trying to murder white people constantly when they're not buying lobster and champagne on EBT, I do sometimes forget I have to speak a language my audience understands, sorry about that. >> >> Well, that's a different story. How entitled are they to luxury? > > Right-wing commentators do like to suggest that the poor have extravagant habits. When society is set up to remind the poor how much more comfortably the rich live, there is a tendency for the poor to self-medicate against the consequent depression, which the well-off do see as an extravagance. >
There are a decent number of Americans who are socially liberal, but fiscally racist, San Francisco has its share of the type