High voltage pnp's (250 volts)

Started by Hul Tytus April 14, 2020
On Friday, April 17, 2020 at 10:08:23 AM UTC+2, Winfield Hill wrote:
> Klaus Kragelund wrote... > > > > Winfield Hill wrote: > >> > >> Hul, an amp at 250V implies quite a bit of power. I trust > >> you're not creating an inefficient design, saving 50 cents > >> in parts cost during manufacture, but costing the user $3 > >> in extra electricity used over its operating lifetime? > > > > Well, that is an issue I have heard before for sure. > > > > You need to be competitive, so always doing designs with > > lowest possible loss is not an option. > > It's one thing to be competitive, it's another to be eeking > out every last cent for profit. Klaus, you have a history > of designing for low manufacturing cost, but also for high > efficiency, higher than most of us manage when we're trying. >
Correct, many power supplies or motor drives can be made with a higher efficiency, just spending a little more time Problem about it is that the competitors, often the Chinese manufacturers, only think about minimum cost, and that is what the customer looks for first. Trying to explain full lifetime cost is a battle lost forhand in most cases Some years ago the adapter supplies would need to comply to level 6 (>90%) efficiency. All the big players placed their efficiency close to that mark to squeeze last cost out of the product. Even today many regions allow Level 5 power supplies, which only has about 88% efficiency. In this case US regulations demand level 6, which is more strict than level 5 (maybe Trump sees this and pulls it back to level 5) Graph of converter efficiencies: Cheers Klaus