Started by Rick C November 25, 2019
I was poking around looking for FPGA chips in packages that work optimally for me and I found a couple of new companies that are making CPUs with FPGA fabric that aren't monsters like the Zync from Xilinx in huge BGA packages.  

I had found the Lattice XO3D which is now available in a 72QFN with enough I/Os to get the job done, but it's a bit pricey at over $10. 

There are some Chinese startups with FPGAs that have potential.  

Anlogic has a 20 kLUT device in a 88QFN which sounds great, but the web site, data sheets are all in Chinese.  I found one data sheet that someone translated.  Still, not sure how to buy or program the parts.  Maybe watch this one, see if they decide to support the English speaking community.  I found a low priced board with their part running a soft core RISC-V.  

AGM has an English web site and data sheets, but they have not responded to an email.  Their chip is in a 100QFP and has a 6 kLUT FPGA optionally with a 250 MHz ARM Cortex.  That would be very useful. 

Gowin has some nice designs and you can actually reach a representative in this country.  A very low cost board is available with a 1 kLUT part to play with.  They have a 4 kLUT part with a CM3 CPU that will be out 1Q20.  It comes in a 48QFN though, so not enough I/Os for my needs.  They have other parts in the 88QFN package so they may put this part in that package at some point.  They have the impression the lower I/O count is what is desired with the combination of CPU and FPGA.  Everyone else pushes you to monster packages, go figure. 


  Rick C.

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