Monitor dies after HDMI to Receiver + DVI experiment, what is HDMI+ethernet cable ???

Started by Unknown December 2, 2018

I have to report this incident.

I have been experimenting with Denon 1909 A/V receiver for audio to 7 speakers.

This receiver has a HDMI input. So I was curious if sound quality would improve.

First I connected toshiba laptop to receiver via HDMI.

The HDMI cable was bought new, it has "ethernet" too which I don't know what that means.

Later the PC was connected to the receiver as well.

The PC has GT 520 graphics card also X-Fi elite soundblaster but was disconnected on the back.

The Asus GT 520 passively cooled was used as follows:

1. HP L2335 monitor <<<<< DVI cable >>>>>>>> DreamPC Asus GT 520

2. Denon 1909 AV/Receiver <<<<<<<< HDMI cable >>>>>> DreamPC Asus GT 520

Couple of days later HP L2335 power led starts blinking and monitor does not show any more screen.

It appears to me at least the HP L2335 monitor has developed a failure in it's power supply (pure speculation) though it may also be power button circuitry which was always shade and sometimes didn't want to come on.

Now the power led blinks and monitor appears to be "dead".

Possible causes:

1. High voltage static discharge a year ago finally did it in.

2. Somehow the GT 520 caused an over-voltage signal from DVI to monitor ?!

3. Somehow receiver caused a video signal feedback via HDMI to GT520, GT520 tried to relay this video signal to monitor via DVI and DVI was over-charged with voltage causing damage to the monitor ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

It has to be 1 of these 3 or 1 of these 2.

It's either the static discharge scenerio.


It's the GT 520 caused overcharge in voltage.

Now considering this monitor has been working for 12 years, had a shock 1 year ago, appears to be able to handle tiny little unnoticeable shocks might not even be present.

The suspicion is therefore VERY HIGH that some the GT 520 caused DAMAGE !!!!!

So for now I would advise other people that have this particular monitor and particular graphics card and maybe even an receiver to NOT repeat this experiment unless you are willing to cause damage to your monitor.

This experiment was only ment to "channel" audio from the system to the GT 520 to the receiver, and not video back from the receiver to the GT 520.

I think that might have cause this issue ?!

I am not sure if I could have done anything to prevent a video feedback signal from the receiver.

I don't think this feedback signal is likely ?! Though the cable might be at fault ?!

Perhaps it's a dual-direction cable ?! It's ethernet component might have caused this ?

The HDMI input of the receiver is supposed to be only an INPUT ?!?!?

So why was it sending back a video signal ?! Or is my hypothesis wrong ?!

I did not see any video from the receiver... perhaps it was relieing back HDMI video from the graphics card back...

I think I did seem something... but that was just my desktop being projected back ?!?

So this situation is very strange to me ?!

Perhaps later I willl take a screenshot of the cable I bought at a very shady store...

This store is an "electronics store".... but everytime I buy something there there is something wrong with it... at least for PCs...

So they could be total morons having sold me a cable which they may have known was bad and not suited for PC to receiver connections...

Not sure about this...

Anything is possible.

I could also be that the monitor is simply old and it's was time for it to go.

But I will have to look into this HDMI+ethernet thing... cause it's a bit weird and also suspicious.


I am looking at the HDMI cable plastic product box now, not a lot of info on it:

hdmi male to hdmi male 19 pin


HQ silver series

professional 4 stars