Ping Jeff Lieberman

Started by bitrex February 23, 2018
On 02/24/2018 01:41 AM, Jeff Liebermann wrote:
> On Fri, 23 Feb 2018 12:14:18 -0500, bitrex > <> wrote: > >> Is there any OEM source for laptop enclosures? Specifically the dreaded >> Dell. > > No or rather not that I know about. If it's under warranty by Dell, > Dell will fix it. If it's out of warranty: > <> > The Dell authorized service center will fix it, but not sell you > parts. The parts that Dell actually will sell to customers is limited > to plug-in accessories: > <> > > Case parts have to be ordered from a warehouse, which might take a > while to arrive and install. Meanwhile, the laptop is down. Out of > warranty repair also tends to be expensive. > <> > I can't offer any specific recommendations because I do my own repair > and am not a Dell authorized service center. > > Dell used to sell plastic repair parts to users. You can sometimes > get lucky and find these for sale on various web piles. For example: > <> > >> I got another hand-me-down Dell laptop where the LCD and guts are fine >> but the cheap plastic case and keyboard is cracked and beat to hell. I >> can get replacement keyboards on, sometimes spare LCD bezels >> and backplates turn up on eBay but was wondering if there's any source >> to buy the whole thing plus screws in one fell swoop to do a transplant > > I buy my plastic case parts on eBay. I've been sold garbage a few > times, but in general, I get usable parts. The big headache for me > are the slight differences in production revisions that don't quite > fit. The Dremel tool and hot melt glue are my friends. > > Y'er right about the cracked plastic, but that's what you get if you > want fire proof plastic and minimum weight. HP laptops are worse. > > Good luck with your unspecified model Dell laptop. >
Sorry, for the delay in reply, I did manage to find the parts on eBay eventually.