Fading LEDs

Started by bitrex November 8, 2017
User interface faux pas: First it was blue LEDs that were put in 
everything; they were usually run too bright as well so you had to put a 
piece of electrical tape over the power indicator on your DVD player if 
you didn't want what looked like a laser shooting you in the eye while 
you tried to watch a movie.

Manufacturers seem to have moved away from putting them in everything 
but there's a new silly thing that's popular, the "fading LED":


Even the power button and interior lighting of my car does this; I think 
it looks chinsy and they seem to always skimp out on the number of PWM 
bits so you can usually see stepping/zippering in the intensity. If done 
well on lighting meant to resemble incandescents it can emulate a bulb's 
thermal inertia - it usually isn't