Eagle CAD :showing and Pdf printing only capacitor,only diodes...

Started by blisca November 3, 2016
Hi to all the people here
please ,i'm in need to improve my masterhood about Eagle layouts.

I was asked to provide a very readable layout paper sheet for mounting by 
hands smd components,before they go into the soldering oven.
When the circuit is populated by many components reading names it is not so 
easy,large size components names can overlap with each other,
small size names are difficult to read.

I found useful to show only a categorie of parts,as 
capacitors,resistors,IC's,diodes and so on,but the way i did it is probably 
primitive ,and far from ideal:
I prepared a script NewColors.scr where the palette 16 and 17 are white and 
the corresponding palettes belows,24 and 25,used to put parts in 
evidence,are blue and black.
In this way all the components are white on a white background,thus 
invisibles,using the command line SHOW C* shows only the capacitor and their 
names,not bad.
The problem now is how to print in the same fashion:
if i print on pdf i have the board as it was before the SHOW command,no 
component is visible.
Exporting image acts the same,just clicking on the tool bar makes 
disappearing the showed parts.

I tried to understanding if ULP 's language allows to do that,but before 
spending time on it i would be sure that it is possible.

Any help would be appreciated,and i would be glad to discover that some 
existing ULP is able to do this job.

Many thanks ,even just for reading this.