Xenon flash tube

Started by bitrex September 7, 2015
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> >"Jasen Betts" <> wrote in message >news:msovpa$qm1$2@gonzo.alcatraz... >> On 2015-09-08, whit3rd <> wrote: >>> On Tuesday, September 8, 2015 at 1:33:20 PM UTC-7, amdx wrote: >>> >>>> 15 years ago I tried triggering one flashtube with the flash of >>>> another one. I never got it to work. I didn't try increasing the >>>> voltage. >>> >>> It needs UV illumination of the cathode. Either UV filtering in the >>> tube(s), >>> or poor focusing of the illumination onto the target electrode will >>> defeat the effect. If the 'target' electrode is shaded, behind the >>> reflector >>> of the flash, that'd explain the difficulty. >>> >>> Photothrystors are actually kind of interesting gadgets. >> >> Photothyratrons? > >A xenon flash tube is more of an ignitron, really. I don't recall that >there's a name for a light-stimulated one, so photoignitron would be >descriptive, if nothing else. > >Tim
Big Marx generators often have their spark gaps fired by lasers.
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>But that is a silicon device. It only becomes gaseous when its limits >are exceeded.
Must have been what happened to you and accounts for the stench which pervades whenever you make a post.