Jtag thousands fpga

Started by Unknown June 23, 2015
On 6/24/2015 11:04 AM, rickman wrote:
> On 6/23/2015 4:37 PM, TTman wrote: >> On 23/06/2015 19:50, wrote: >>> How to re/program thousands fpga at once in a short time? >>> >> What FPGA exactly ?? > > There are lots of details to this question. If they are all the same > FPGA with the exact same bitstream, they can be programmed in parallel, > although that will require one data return signal (TDO) for each of > them. Daisy chaining won't improve the programming time since each one > is done independently. > > If they all have different programming, but are the same device, then it > may be possible to have separate TDI and TDO signals yet program them in > parallel using the same TCK and TMS signals. > > My last thought is to question the need to program them all at the same > time. It is very unlikely that they are all available at exactly the > same time, so why wait on programming some before you program the > others. If there is a problem with manufacturing do you want to wait > until thousands are made before you test them and find the bug? > > I have a few hundred of my FPGA board made at the same time and at one > time I did all the testing. I would show up with my test setup as the > boards were coming out of cleaning and final inspection a couple dozen > at a time. I would program and test them about half as fast as they > could inspect them. I never found a need for a mass programming > fixture. I think it take about 30 seconds to program one Flash type, > small FPGA. Most of that is erase time.
Why don't you provide more info on your setup and ask this in the FPGA group? what flexibility do you have in what you are doing? What limitations do you have? Are you talking about RAM base devices that have to be reprogrammed every time they power up? -- Rick