Intel Hex2Bin converter (and DIY 10kW EV battery charger)

Started by P E Schoen June 2, 2015
I am doing some redesign work on a DIY 10 kW EV battery charger that uses an 
Arduino as its core processor, and I was able to extract the code in Hex 
format using an AVR Dragon. But I wanted to be able to read the text that is 
part of the code, used on the display, and I found it very difficult to find 
an application that does this adequately. I wound up importing the hex file 
into a Microchip project and then displaying the program memory, and then 
saving that to a text file.

So, I installed Delphi 4 on my Win8 machine and after a few hours of 
regaining familiarity with the language, I was able to make such a utility. 
Here is a screen shot:

And if you want to use the program, it is available for download:

For more background on this charger and the problems that have been 
encountered by customers who purchased and built the kit, and my efforts to 
troubleshoot and fix the thing, here are links to the discussions: