Water solenoid buried control line dscovery

Started by Robert Baer March 15, 2015
On Sunday, March 15, 2015 at 2:04:03 AM UTC-7, Robert Baer wrote:
> Say have 8 control lines from timer box go out,each to a given water > on/off solenoid.
> Some of the solenoids got jammed/plugged/fouled in a very nice and > undesirable way: they are stuck ON allowing water to flow; power > disconnect does not help. > Need reasonably reliable way to actually map wire routing
Well, you can survey in the node locations after you find 'em, with a compass (lensatic preferred) if you can sight some landmarks. A location technique for the OFF-capable units might include running a plumber's snake into the outlet pipe, to get the range from that outlet location. Any buried wires SHOULD have a 'warning' plastic marker tape over the buried conduit, and you can either follow that as you dig, or install it after you find your target.