icicle pics

Started by John Larkin March 4, 2015
John Larkin wrote:

> On Fri, 06 Mar 2015 11:00:34 -0600, Jon Elson <> > wrote: > >>John Larkin wrote: >> >> >>> I don't think this was wind. The snow creeps down off the roof and >>> curls at the edge, as the icicles are forming. I still don't entirely >>> understand it; I should arrange a time-lapse camera one year. Not this >>> year, not enough snow. >>OK, NOW I got it! The snow creeps down and over the eave. icicles >>form straight down, just as normal. Then, the mass of ice creeps >>down more, and rolls over the edge. That swings the icicles inward >>toward the house. Time lapse would be really cool, you could see >>the icicles slowly rotate! >> >>Jon > > Right, but I don't understand the details. > >
Plastic flow, which slushy snow-ice can certainly do. I guess it is really just a glacier in miniature. Jon