A 2.4GHz to 1.5 GHz down converter layout, and VCO internals.

Started by Jan Panteltje November 12, 2014
A 2.4GHz to 1.5 GHz down converter

A whole new range of interesting frequencies opens up with this litte converter,
here now in box with antenna:

Modified my rtl_sdr based xpsa spectrum analyzer software to allow for a local oscillator setting:
I found a peculiar very strong intermittent signal around 2432271360 Hz,
it turned out to be my Logitech wireless mouse ;-)

The more I mouse the more constant the signal.

Where is the upper limit?
Around 3.2 GHz with this VCO I think.
No reason one cannot use a higher frequency VCO, then the mixer is the limit.

Nice new tool added!