crazy memory ideas?

Started by Joseph H Allen November 6, 2013
In article <>, says...
> > >> Oh, another one I want to try is to make an acoustic delay line: but I > >> want > >> to run it at audio frequency and use the air as the delay line.. > >> (instead > >> of wire or crystal), so that you can listen to it.. > Years ago some friends of mine and I used to sit around trying to > think up the craziest things that could actually work (at least in > some fashion). One of them was a computer networking technology > that would ship serial ASCII data around on garden hoses, using > ultrasonic transducers as receive and transmit elements. Never got > around to it, but it had a fair chance of working -- I think. > > Jon
Hey, I've actually seen mercury delay lines used for registers on older computers like the PB-250. And then being the Bell System history buff tha I am I love that they used barrier grid, flying spot, and other way esoteric memory systems on the first fully electronic switching system. That gradually morphed to core and twistor but that's another time.