Loading up a 36kW transformer

Started by Yzordderrex October 7, 2013
On 2013-10-08, Glen Walpert <nospam@null.void> wrote:

> The water heaters are not a bad idea. You could do the same thing in a > much smaller space by skipping the big storage tanks and installing water > heater elements in pipe sections with tees on the ends, arranged to self > vent with a 90 GPH flow switch and contactor for low flow protection. 3 > smaller elements on a 3-phase variac could be used for trim, and the > whole thing could be stuffed under a bench or on a shelf when done in > case you need it again.
water can absorb a lot more energy if you discharge it as steam. -- &#9858;&#9859; 100% natural --- news:// - complaints: ---
On 07/10/2013 16:22, Yzordderrex wrote:
> I need to load up a 36kW 3 phase 240v (output) transformer to do a heat run. I looked at having some inductors wound, but that was about $4k. I've looked at custom load bank, also about $4k. I can run three electric water heaters ($250.00 each)and discharge about 90 gals an hour of hot water. The eagle glo-coils are not manufactured anymore - what a shame. I've looked at immersion heaters and also stuffing a 50 gallon drum with elements from a stove. > > So far I like the electric water heaters the best. I can load to about 27kW and make up the rest with some big wirewounds I have kicking around. but looking for any alternate methods before I go to boss with the water heater idea. > > Any ideas? > > Bob
Water heaters is good, if you have water flow perhaps you could use electric showers. They're often around 10kW each and can be bought (here, at least) for < &#2013266083;100. Cheers -- Syd