RF transformer

Started by Robert Baer July 29, 2013
Jan Panteltje wrote:
> On a sunny day (Thu, 01 Aug 2013 14:02:01 -0800) it happened Robert Baer > <> wrote in<c1AKt.235151$%u3.222282@fx08.iad>: > >> First cut is to use and work with an FM discriminator for AM and SSB. > > > > > > Hope that helps. > > Recently, after years of testing, researchers have found that mice have four feet, > to within 10 sigma. > > Debate continues if the tail should be counted as a fifth. > This would cause a frequency modulation of the amount of feet whenever tail hits ground, > destroying the confidence in the 10 sigma result. > More funding is required to make more precise measurements to see if this finding makes changes in the standard mouse model necessary. >
Does this include computer mice?