Design Battery Charger using H-bridge Mosfet concept

Started by samson.bunty1986 April 20, 2013
Fred Abse wrote:

> On Sat, 20 Apr 2013 17:21:48 -0700, Jim Thompson wrote: > > >>Charging a battery from a full-H bridge makes about as much sense as using >>a full-H bridge for motor _speed_ control, when it only should be used to >>change direction >:-} > > > Or controlled braking. >
Guess no one has never heard of auto sensing polarity chargers and load testing. We have a charger at work that uses an H bridge, you can connect the battery any way you wish, as long as it has at least .5 volt or more, anything less, it assumes nothing connected and does not make an attempt to select a polarity and turn on. during a low state battery, the unit switches the bridge for a load test to determine if the battery is accumulating useful energy, if not, it'll give up and flash a bad battery LED> Jamie