Communication protocol used by UTD2102C oscilloscope?

Started by Unknown March 7, 2012

I've just bought the UTD2102C digital oscilloscope ( http://www.uni-trend.c=
om/UT2102C.html ), but unfortunately the accompanying software doesn't work=
 with 64-bit Windows 7, neither with Linux.=20

I've connected it to my wife's 32-bit machine and recorded the USB transmit=
ted data, when working with 32-bit Windows. Generally the protocol seems to=
 be relatively simple (I could distinguish the control commands transmitted=
 via control transfers and measured data transmitted vie bulk transfers), s=
o it should be possible to write an application working with UTD2102C based=
 on libusb.

Anyway it would be much easier having the description of the protocol.
Maybe this protocol is similar to better documented protocols used by scope=
s of other brands?
I've asked the manufacturer about availability of the protocol description,=
 but I do not expect too much (form my previous experience in similar probl=
I'd appreciate any pointers and suggestions.
Best regards,
OK. I've received links to free implementations of the software
allowing to communicate with UTD2102C from Linux:
Thanks and regards