White LED spectrum?

Started by Paul Conners October 14, 2011
> Most white LEDs are phosphor-based but hardy as bi-chromatic as you make > them sound. The little Cree in my pocket flashlight has the typical > broad peak around 450 nm and valley around 485 but it's quite continuous > down to 650, tailing off at about 670. Very different from the narrow, > discrete lines from a CCFL.
[Rich Webb] Thanks, Rich. I think the "striping" issue and potential variance between samples will make for a less-than-satisfying result. Thanks, Dave
> I really have no help for the question asked, but I think people > interested in the subject may have an answer to one of my questions.
And I have one word for you: HIJACK. If you don't have an answer to the OP's question, fine. If you have a question, START YOUR OWN THREAD.