Re: how to bypass dremel tool internal variable speed control?

Started by Tinydikswinger July 16, 2020
replying to Claude Desjardins, Tinydikswinger wrote:
120 psi hell if you are running the HF junkers have some fun and give em @ 180
-190psi ...They have a much diffrent sound at those pressures and the
neighbors will all be over finding out jusy what the hell all that screaming
is about. I usually run my high speed cutoffs and such that high but get good
wheels because them Chinese garbage discs will wear out quick as all heck and
they tend to fly apart at wellheck any speed so save yourself a trip to the ER
and at least use good abrasives. Now party on fellers and lets also get them 7
1/4" saw cutoff wheels on them 4 1/2" angle grinders,they gyrate like no other
and are only 1 hand operated then but its like supercharging your lil grinder.
Rip shit and have fun 

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