Re: LTspice: X-Axis Variable

Started by Steve Wilson May 24, 2020
Jeroen Belleman <jeroen@nospam.please> wrote:

> On 25/01/16 19:06, Jim Thompson wrote: >> In LTspice, is there a way to change the X-Axis variable? >> >> In PSpice I can do a PWL simulation, then change the X-Axis variable >> (in Probe) to be a voltage within the circuit, thus displaying >> hysteresis. >> >> I can't find a similar function in LTspice. >> >> ...Jim Thompson >> > > Left-click on the X-axis, type the expression for your signal > on the 'quantity plotted' line in the dialog that comes up, > click OK. > > Jeroen Belleman >
Doesn't work. I get Error : undefined variable. It used to work but stopped some time ago. I am running IV.