Can you build this Star Trek Communicator 1966?

Started by Mr. Man-wai Chang June 15, 2019
Meow... ;)


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I am not going to read that BUT, in 2019 one of those communicators is just out child's play. We got Skype on phones,l come on people. You have a weird mindset. People call you a troll here. Why ? Because your questions can be answered by a Google search half the time. 

Do you know anything about electronics or are you just here to fuck around ? 

You want the gain of a transistor stage but can't get Spice to do it ? I'll fucking figure it out for you. Just don't gimme any ASCII art shit, I never could read that. 

You want to know how to figure that out I will explain it, but that is not what you asked. 

You demonstrate no desire to learn electronics, and that is what this is for. You just want to throw theoretical questions and see what you get. We are are not here for that. 

Perhaps you would be more comfortable with a bunch of cunt who know nothing. We have enough fucking disruption here.