TUTORIAL - Example 2, Using Femm to Calculate Component Values of Simple buried Stripline configured like a coax to use in LTspice/PSpice

Started by RobertMacy June 3, 2015
These anlayse work at 2.5GHz in FR4 type PCB material for those of us who  
want to drive ?? or an antenna = Bluetooth, Wifi, zigbee, or GPS antenna  
module and want to see how much a 'longer than desirable coax' run  
detriorates the NF of the Receiver. The skin effect is in there, but I did  
NOT want to make this a 'broadband model' Skin effect issimply at 2.5GHz.  
Boradband Model is reserved for TUTORIAL - Example 3 analyzing a twisted  

It's only 19kB in zip. Contains the Explanation, femm 'step=by=step' and  
the LTspice final models, [you have to do yur own PSpice from them.]