Open source AVR simulator.

Started by Ian Field May 15, 2013

"Tim Wescott" <> wrote in message
> On Wed, 15 May 2013 21:50:39 +0100, Ian Field wrote: > >> "Daniel Pitts" <> wrote in message >> news:5CRkt.6077$Bx4.2698@newsfe29.iad... >>> On 5/15/13 11:19 AM, Ian Field wrote: >>>> Is there such a thing as open source AVR simulator anywhere? >>>> >>>> Some kind of development environment that I can experiment writing & >>>> running code without going near a soldering iron. >>>> >>>> Thanks. >>> Well, you can skip the iron if you just use an Arduino. >>> >>> I think AVR studio comes with a debugger, I don't know about a >>> simulator though. >> >> Do you think I'd have better luck finding one that runs on a Linux box? >> >> I have an extra PC gathering dust that only needs the very basic >> hardware putting in it. >> >> The AVR seems to have the longest heritage with its 8051 ancestry, but >> the PIC seems to have a wider scope of support these days. >> >> Do you know where to find a reasonably concise overview of the 2 >> architectures? >> >> Maybe I should take a closer look at the relative merits before deciding >> which way to go. >> >> TBH; the old "conventional" architecture seems to make more sense to me! > > I don't see much 8051 in the AVR. > > When I have my software-writing hat on, I loooove the AVR. > > When I have my parts-procurement hat on, the PIC looks better (although > that's based on old information -- Atmel used to be bad at delivery but > has reputedly gotten better). > > When I have my hardware-designing hat on, I loooove the PIC. > > Get an Arduino and a debugging environment. Nothing says "embedded" like > a blinking light. > > Better yet, particularly if you like Linux, chuck the 8-bit stuff and > find a nice Cortex M0 development board. > > -- > My liberal friends think I'm a conservative kook. > My conservative friends think I'm a liberal kook. > Why am I not happy that they have found common ground?
Thanks - a fair bit to digest there.