Embedded Online Conference 2021 - Watch the Speakers Share their Thoughts on the Value for Attendees

Stephane BoucherMay 4, 20211 comment

Over the last few weeks, we've had a chance to chat with some of the speakers at the upcoming Embedded Online Conference.  We asked them to share their thoughts on conferences and the Embedded Online Conference in particular.  Here are their answers edited together in one video:


If you are not registered yet for the conference but are considering it, please make sure to use the promo code ER149 to save more than 40% on your registration fee.

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Comment by karosuoMay 24, 2021

Well after attending some of those conferences myself.
I have to saw two things.
1 - Thank you, the feeling is pretty similar to an in-person conference, especially that feeling of not being able to pause the conference first time, since if you do you'll miss either the rest of the conference or the QA live session, but with the added bonus that you can indeed come back to rewatch the thing to really grasp the details.
2 - Even when I sort of miss the human interaction of these events, this online conference allowed to interact with people all over the world, speakers, and attendees, more easily than in an in-person event.

All in all, I hope that in the future, there are a combination, in-person events, and online events, of this magnitude.

Thanks again to Stephane and all the people who made this possible, amazing job.

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