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> could have maybe cause a fire/spark/god knows what ;)
You are grasping at straws. Your electrcal system does not roast labels unless they are made of foil. Period.
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There was one more incident, probably has nothing to do with, but can't completely rule it out.

There was this very old linksys router, kinda cool device but it stops working with bitorrent and many tcp/ip connections.

Anyway you know how many power cables have these labels stuck on them ?

Some kind of paper glued to it, with some kind of text on it ?!

Well guess what:

This cable was so old, this paper/glue let loose... "DUH"... and it actually fell into the power box.

I didn't notice this at first.

I stuck the power cable from linksys router into this power box, it was on a different line though.

My whacky theory/hypothesis though is:

It fell exactly between the two "ground-wires" that these powerboxes have in Europe.

So maybe there was some kind of eletricity flowing via the label/plastic to these ground wires.

Could have been very low or maybe even high electricity.

Since people hold these cables over these powerboxes I now believe it is a very bad idea to glue anything to power cables.

Also had a tiny label fall off from my receiver but that was not an issue, I cleaned it up/threw it away just in case.

I know believe "sticking/glueing" anything to power cables is a bit idea because of the 10-year-old chance of this label coming loose and then falling into something... could have maybe cause a fire/spark/god knows what ;)