adafruit industries (@adafruit) 17 hours ago

Interactive map of every Quantum Leap series jump


adafruit industries (@adafruit) 11 hours ago

This “urban mining” map reveals the valuables hiding in our e-waste mountains


adafruit industries (@adafruit) 8 hours ago

Bling out your swag with knuckle jewelry. You can easily show ASCII characters or scroll messages t…


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 16 hours ago

Cool bananas. I have a couple of Casio calc watches I was going to do the same thing with.


ON Semiconductor (@onsemi) 22 hours ago

Learn how to minimize heat output when designing power products.


CypressSemiconductor (@CypressSemi) 2 hours ago

: We unveiled our CYW89359 combo solution, integrating two complete Wi-Fi subsystems and a Bluetooth subsyste…


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 14 hours ago

Siglent Signal Generator Fix: via


Dave Jones (@eevblog) 20 hours ago

EEVblog – BEWARE Crap Banana Plugs!


Electronic Design (@ElectronicDesgn) 7 hours ago

Independent Thinking: Why the “Black Box” is Needed for Autonomous Vehicle Deployments


Electronic Design (@ElectronicDesgn) 7 hours ago

Wireless Technology: The Existential Necessity of Life


Vishay (@VishayIndust) 6 hours ago

Learn more about Vishay Draloric / Beyschlag power resistor solutions for a wide range of applications with a new b…


Electronic Design (@ElectronicDesgn) 7 hours ago

Industrial CES: More Than HDTVs and IoT


Jeff Keyzer (@mightyohm) 2 hours ago

Well done! Thanks for the feedback on the instructions!


ON Semiconductor (@onsemi) 2 hours ago

New to integrated passive devices design (IPD)? Look no further.


Open Electronics (@OpenElectronics) 12 hours ago

a Raspberry Pi and Temperature Monitor


ON Semiconductor (@onsemi) 2 hours ago

Delivering innovative, automotive grade semiconductor solutions for two decades addressing key vehicle electronics…


Jeff Keyzer (@mightyohm) 2 hours ago

I run an Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server and use byobu. Seems like 1 out of every 5-10 times a new ssh connection fails to…