CMOS Voltage References: An Analytical and Practical Perspective

Chi-Wah Kok 2013

A practical overview of CMOS circuit design, this book coversthe technology, analysis, and design techniques of voltagereference circuits. The design requirements covered followmodern CMOS processes, with an emphasis on low power, low voltage,and low temperature coefficient voltage reference design.Dedicating a chapter to each stage of the design process, theauthors have organized the content to give readers the tools theyneed to implement the technologies themselves. Readers will gain anunderstanding of device characteristics, the practicalconsiderations behind circuit topology, and potential problems witheach type of circuit.

Many design examples are used throughout, most of which havebeen tested with silicon implementation or employed in real-worldproducts. This ensures that the material presented relevant to bothstudents studying the topic as well as readers requiring apractical viewpoint. * Covers CMOS voltage reference circuit design, from the basicsthrough to advanced topics * Provides an overview of basic device physics and differentbuilding blocks of voltage reference designs * Features real-world examples based on actual siliconimplementation * Includes analytical exercises, simulation exercises, andsilicon layout exercises, giving readers guidance and design layoutexperience for voltage reference circuits * Solution manual available to instructors from the book scompanion website

This book is highly useful for graduate students in VLSI design,as well as practicing analog engineers and IC design professionals.Advanced undergraduates preparing for further study in VLSI willalso find this book a helpful companion text.