EMC Made Simple - Printed Circuit Board and System Design

Mark I Montrose 2014

This book simplifies the complex field of electromagnetic compatibility into easy concepts without the need for complicated math or extensive computational analysis. Learn how to design printed circuit boards and systems quickly with just five easy equations. Electromagnetic compatibility requirements are easily achieved with the author’s unique approach by transforming Maxwell’s Equations (calculus) into Ohm’s Law (algebra) in a visual manner. Everyone, regardless of experience, will benefit from learning a new way of solving complex field problems using an oscilloscope instead of a spectrum analyzer. Signal propagation is based on transmission line theory. If one can visualize losses in a transmission line, it becomes easy to achieve EMC at low cost as well as enhanced signal integrity. Easy to read chapters simplify theoretical concepts for those who never took a electromagnetics course in college, or designers that seek to re-learn and understand electromagnetic theory as it applies to both printed circuit boards and systems presented in a revolutionary manner. This book contains the following chapters: • Maxwell Made Simple • Inductance Made Simple • Transmission Line Theory Made Simple • Power Distribution Networks Made Simple • Referencing Made Simple (a.k.a. Grounding) • Shielding, Gasketing and Filtering Made Simple