RF Microelectronics

Behzad Razavi 2014

Rf microelectronics, second edition teaches rf analysis and design systematically, one step at a time, taking readers all the way from specification through practical solution. Behzad razavi has thoroughly revised his classic text to incorporate the latest developments in rf architecture, circuits, and devices, and to cover all key topics in greater detail. This edition's stronger tutorial focus will make it even more valuable to students, and its more systematic coverage of the latest technologies will make it indispensable to practicing engineers. Salient features the field's classic, now with more thorough treatment of all key topics in rf circuit/system analysis and design. Walks step-by-step from specs to practical solutions. Complete transceiver examples illuminate the intimate interplay between circuit and system design. New chapters: integrated inductors/varactors; phase-locked loops; millimetre-wave techniques; and more.