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Another 10 Circuit Components You Should Know
posted by Jason Sachs

Short Takes (EE Shanty): What shall we do with a zero-ohm resistor?
posted by Jason Sachs

Lost Secrets of the H-Bridge, Part III: Practical Issues of Inductor and Capacitor Ripple Current
posted by Jason Sachs

Lost Secrets of the H-Bridge, Part II: Ripple Current in the DC Link Capacitor
posted by Jason Sachs

Lost Secrets of the H-Bridge, Part I: Ripple Current in Inductive Loads
posted by Jason Sachs

Isolated Sigma-Delta Modulators, Rah Rah Rah!
posted by Jason Sachs

Oscilloscope review: Hameg HMO2024
posted by Jason Sachs

Have You Ever Seen an Ideal Op-Amp?
posted by Jason Sachs

BGA and QFP at Home 1 - A Practical Guide.
posted by Victor Yurkovsky

3 LEDs powered by fingers - puzzle
posted by Henryk Gasperowicz

Series circuit - 3 LEDs
posted by Henryk Gasperowicz

Video: The PN Junction. How Diodes Work?
posted by Stephane Boucher

Two jobs
posted by Stephane Boucher

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Triac vs MOSFETs for AC switching [17 replies]

Started by panfilero 35 minutes ago

I'm designing a switch (basically a SSR) for AC 110V, 60Hz. Does anyone kn= ow if it's better to go with a pair of FETs or with a Triac? My design has = to be able to withstand a short circuit curr...Triac vs MOSFETs for AC switching

lead [20 replies]

Started by John Larkin 1 hour ago -- John Larkin Highland Technology Inc jlarkin at highlandtechnology dot com Precision electro...lead

Survivalist Electronics and Technology [34 replies]

Started by Unknown 1 hour ago

So, I am opening this subject, since I have not seen any disciplined approach to the subject. What happens with an errant meteor or that awkward emp goes off? Can electronics be protected? Does ...Survivalist Electronics and Technology

low current inverter [3 replies]

Posted by George Herold - 1 hour ago

low current +5V -> -5V (-3.5V?) inverter. I've got a few unused 74HC14's on a digital ciruit. (maybe I can turn these digital dogs to an analog purpose?) I just need a few mA's to pull an ...low current inverter

OOOKAY- This Explains Everything- A Woman at the Helm of the Sewol [111 replies]

Started by Unknown 1 hour ago ...OOOKAY- This Explains Everything- A Woman at the Helm of the Sewol

OT: Best Website Hosting? [6 replies]

Posted by Jim Thompson - 2 hours ago

I'm fed up with OLM (my website hosting company), they've garnered yet another blacklisting due to spam traffic, snarling up my E-mail forwarding... Final-Recipient: RFC822; Acti...OT:  Best Website Hosting?

Highish Current/Lowish Voltage Rectification [16 replies]

Posted by Cursitor Doom - 2 hours ago

Hi all, I have a welding transformer that produces an output of either 50V AC or 80V AC (open circuit voltage) at a range of currents of up to 200 Amps. I want to convert this to DC, preferably ...Highish Current/Lowish Voltage Rectification

test gadget [17 replies]

Posted by John Larkin - 2 hours ago

Imagine a box with a USB interface, that is full of DACs, a mux'd high-quality DVM, a bunch of logic i/os, I2C and SPI, some SSRs, a few programmable power supplies, all easy to control from var...test gadget

Debugger recommendation wanted [11 replies]

Posted by garyr - 2 hours ago

I'm designing a board with a Cortex M3 on it. I need something to program the flash and enable debugging. I'm considering the J-Link EDU. What would you recommend? Thanks in advance for your comm...Debugger recommendation wanted

Enough power ? [6 replies]

Posted by Andy K - 3 hours ago

I am looking to replace AAA batteries with this AGM battery. 4.5 AH- 6 VOLT It would power 3 flashlights that have 9 LEDS each that each use 3 AAA batteries. I would also get a NOCO Genius 6v...Enough power ?

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