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Someday We’ll Find It, The Kelvin Connection
posted by Jason Sachs

10 Items of Test Equipment You Should Know
posted by Jason Sachs

First-Order Systems: The Happy Family
posted by Jason Sachs

Lost Secrets of the H-Bridge, Part IV: DC Link Decoupling and Why Electrolytic Capacitors Are Not Enough
posted by Jason Sachs

April is Oscilloscope Month: In Which We Discover Agilent Offers Us a Happy Deal and a Sad Name
posted by Jason Sachs

March is Oscilloscope Month — and at Tim Scale!
posted by Jason Sachs

Efficiency Through the Looking-Glass
posted by Jason Sachs

How to Estimate Encoder Velocity Without Making Stupid Mistakes: Part II (Tracking Loops and PLLs)
posted by Jason Sachs

Specifying the Maximum Amplifier Noise When Driving an ADC
posted by Rick Lyons

BGA and QFP at Home 1 - A Practical Guide.
posted by Victor Yurkovsky

3 LEDs powered by fingers - puzzle
posted by Henryk Gasperowicz

Series circuit - 3 LEDs
posted by Henryk Gasperowicz

Video: The PN Junction. How Diodes Work?
posted by Stephane Boucher

Two jobs
posted by Stephane Boucher

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OT: Funding for Ebola [189 replies]

Posted by Jim Thompson - 34 minutes ago

Seems the Democrats, Hillary in particular, are claiming that CDC lacks funding to treat Ebola because the GOP withheld funds. Hmmmm? Seems the Dems used those funds for something more important...OT: Funding for Ebola

Display module for front panel, with softkeys? [18 replies]

Posted by Joerg - 55 minutes ago

Folks, Looking for a simple control interface. It should ideally be a module that can be screwed or snapped into a front panel cutout and contain this: 1. A backlit LCD/TFT/whatever monitor of ...Display module for front panel, with softkeys?

USB shield at device. [7 replies]

Started by Sylvia Else 1 hour ago

What to do with the USB cable shield at the device end? a) Leave it unconnected? b) Connect it directly to signal ground? c) Connect to signal ground via some impedance? Of those, (a) seem...USB shield at device.

POT: (Possibly Off-Topic?) Software to create a User Manual [5 replies]

Started by mpm 1 hour ago

Figured I'd ask here. Anyone know (or have a favorite) software tool to create a User's Manual? This manual will support a moderately complex software tool that is 4 years= in the making. I'm e...POT: (Possibly Off-Topic?)  Software to create a User Manual

To Make A Square Wave [3 replies]

Started by Unknown 2 hours ago

This has to do with that clunker HP 1725 a we got kicking around. If you kn= ow the history, we got it with a makeshift vertical output amp for the uno= btainium vertical output IC. Well we got the...To Make A Square Wave

OT: "Minmum" wage crap [151 replies]

Started by Robert Baer 2 hours ago

From an S&A newsletter: I could explain, using a million examples, why minimum-wage laws are terrible for poor people. That isn't in doubt. When wages rise above the marginal value of la...OT: "Minmum" wage crap

WARNING: Ubee Cable Modem Died (heat related) [1 replies]

Posted by Skybuck Flying - 2 hours ago

Hello, I know this video doesn't proof much, I could make a new one and proof that it's dead. But for now this will have to do and you will have to take my word on it: Ubee Cable Modem Died (heat related)

[OT] eCAT news [2 replies]

Posted by Klaus Bahner - 2 hours ago

Since eCAT has been discussed here before, I thought a few of you might be interested in a new test, which is performed by the same group from Italy/Sweden, which first test was discussed here som...[OT] eCAT news

Skunk Works Reveals Compact Fusion Reactor Details [34 replies]

Posted by Joe Gwinn - 3 hours ago

We have been seeing little detail-free teasers that Lockheed-Martin's Skunk Works had come up with a new approach to hydrogen fusion. The article came in the 15 October 2014 issue of Aviation We...Skunk Works Reveals Compact Fusion Reactor Details

ball-hours [341 replies]

Posted by John Larkin - 3 hours ago

I just analyzed two products that we have been shipping for three years or so, looking for BGA connection failures. We've shipped over 1000 total units, about 10 million unit-hours in the field,...ball-hours

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