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Someday We’ll Find It, The Kelvin Connection
posted by Jason Sachs

10 Items of Test Equipment You Should Know
posted by Jason Sachs

First-Order Systems: The Happy Family
posted by Jason Sachs

Lost Secrets of the H-Bridge, Part IV: DC Link Decoupling and Why Electrolytic Capacitors Are Not Enough
posted by Jason Sachs

April is Oscilloscope Month: In Which We Discover Agilent Offers Us a Happy Deal and a Sad Name
posted by Jason Sachs

March is Oscilloscope Month — and at Tim Scale!
posted by Jason Sachs

Efficiency Through the Looking-Glass
posted by Jason Sachs

How to Estimate Encoder Velocity Without Making Stupid Mistakes: Part II (Tracking Loops and PLLs)
posted by Jason Sachs

Specifying the Maximum Amplifier Noise When Driving an ADC
posted by Rick Lyons

BGA and QFP at Home 1 - A Practical Guide.
posted by Victor Yurkovsky

3 LEDs powered by fingers - puzzle
posted by Henryk Gasperowicz

Series circuit - 3 LEDs
posted by Henryk Gasperowicz

Video: The PN Junction. How Diodes Work?
posted by Stephane Boucher

Two jobs
posted by Stephane Boucher

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OT: High Chair Finish [8 replies]

Posted by Jim Thompson - 10 hours ago

We have a nice wooden high chair that's starting on the third round... great grandchildren. The finish is getting a bit thread-bare. The wife want to PAINT it to match her new "shades of g...OT:  High Chair Finish

Lithium battery capacities (18650). [1 replies]

Posted by Ian Field - 18 hours ago

Having discovered that recycling bins in various shops are a good source of lithium battery packs that can be put to various uses, I notice quite a spread in claimed Ah capacities on the information...Lithium battery capacities (18650).

OT: American's are yellow-bellied pansies... [11 replies]

Posted by Jim Thompson - 1 day ago

OT: American's are yellow-bellied pansies... ...Jim Thompson -- | James E.Thompson | mens | | Analog In...OT: American's are yellow-bellied pansies...

astable multivibrator semiconductors [19 replies]

Started by Unknown 1 day ago

For an astable multivibrator, would 2n7000 mosfets be more efficient than 2n3904 bjts? ...astable multivibrator semiconductors

solar/battery powered wifi camera setup advice [5 replies]

Started by robb 3 days ago

so i want to setup a remote wifi camera, battery powered with solar charging. Proj Plan: choose smallest setup battery/solar panel / camera that will achieve my goal Goal: Daytime only powered wifi camera setup advice

Popups and ads [2 replies]

Posted by Roger Dewhurst - 5 days ago

I get popups and adverts every few seconds. It is maddening. I have gone to the Chrome web extension page and found umpteeen ad and popup blocks. Ever time I try and load one I get the message: ...Popups and ads

Get some perspective. We're FINished. [7 replies]

Posted by DecadentLinuxUserNumeroUno - 6 days ago

Hehehe... Not an obscure reference at all! One of the simplest explanations of the basic operation of a transistor I have ever seen, however. some perspective.  We're FINished.

OT: Honest Analysis of Solar Power [42 replies]

Posted by Jim Thompson - 6 days ago

Anyone know where I might find an honest ROI analysis of solar power? Everything I find is baloney-nosed in favor of the writer's point of view. I suspect that solar, if you take away subsidies...OT:  Honest Analysis of Solar Power

Data Sheet Annoyance [15 replies]

Posted by Jim Thompson - 6 days ago

Is this an attempt to obfuscate... figuring that everyone is a dummy and doesn't know De Morgan's theorems? ...Jim Thompson -- | James E.Thomp...Data Sheet Annoyance

batteries [3 replies]

Posted by kurt stocklmeir - 6 days ago

I would like to know if all batteries that can be recharged get recharged at the same speed I am looking for a rechargeable battery that can get charge extreme fast thank you for any answers ...batteries

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