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Two Capacitors Are Better Than One
posted by Jason Sachs

Voltage Drops Are Falling on My Head: Operating Points, Linearization, Temperature Coefficients, and Thermal Runaway
posted by Jason Sachs

Optimizing Optoisolators, and Other Stories of Making Do With Less
posted by Jason Sachs

Someday We’ll Find It, The Kelvin Connection
posted by Jason Sachs

10 Items of Test Equipment You Should Know
posted by Jason Sachs

First-Order Systems: The Happy Family
posted by Jason Sachs

Lost Secrets of the H-Bridge, Part IV: DC Link Decoupling and Why Electrolytic Capacitors Are Not Enough
posted by Jason Sachs

April is Oscilloscope Month: In Which We Discover Agilent Offers Us a Happy Deal and a Sad Name
posted by Jason Sachs

Specifying the Maximum Amplifier Noise When Driving an ADC
posted by Rick Lyons

BGA and QFP at Home 1 - A Practical Guide.
posted by Victor Yurkovsky

3 LEDs powered by fingers - puzzle
posted by Henryk Gasperowicz

Series circuit - 3 LEDs
posted by Henryk Gasperowicz

Video: The PN Junction. How Diodes Work?
posted by Stephane Boucher

Two jobs
posted by Stephane Boucher

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Using a 12V 2A power supply direct and with 3V voltage divider? [29 replies]

Started by Unknown 2 hours ago

I have forgotten everything I learned in the single electrical science class I took in college 25 years ago. Please forgive my ignorance. I have a single 12V 2A power supply. I want to simultaneo...Using a 12V 2A power supply direct and with 3V voltage divider?

Of battery terminals & grease [5 replies]

Posted by Fester Bestertester - 11 hours ago

There are some members of electronic forums that suggest coating automotive battery posts with grease ("any king--axle, lithium, copper") before attaching cable-end clamps to the posts a...Of battery terminals & grease

classic semiconductors [14 replies]

Started by Unknown 13 hours ago

What are the "Classic Semiconductors" out there? I stumbled across the MC34063 as a "classic" switching regulator (considered somewhat obsolete today because of the low, 100 kHz...classic semiconductors

DSC 1832 - zones

Posted by gm - 1 day ago

Hi. I hope that someone is working with dsc alarm system. I'm using paradox but i have used dsc before few years. I installed 8 sensors on 1832 panel and i set section 202. First zone is delay...DSC 1832 - zones

OT: HDMI Wireless [8 replies]

Posted by Jim Thompson - 2 days ago

Anyone have experience/recommendations for wireless ways to distribute HDMI to multiple TV sets? ...Jim Thompson -- | James E.Thompson ...OT: HDMI Wireless

High voltage capacitor question [9 replies]

Started by Unknown 3 days ago

Hey All, I have an old Miller Gold Star welder that may have failing high voltage caps in the high frequency circuit. I think I can still buy these caps from Miller but they are expensive and if th...High voltage capacitor question

Analyzing a circuit [10 replies]

Posted by M. Hamed - 4 days ago

AoE Chapter 3 - circuit ideas A (high-input-impedance follower) Also here: it%20Ideas%20-%20A.asc?dl=3D0 and at t...Analyzing a circuit

I have a schematic for getting 48 volts off the phone but can't read the component sizes. Anyone have it? [36 replies]

Posted by Lynn - 4 days ago

I have a schematic for getting 48 volts off the phone but can't read the component sizes. Anyone have it? Regards Lynn ...I have a schematic for getting 48 volts off the phone but can't read the component sizes.  Anyone have it?

Relacement for SCR [34 replies]

Posted by Ron M. - 4 days ago

Have immediate needs for SCR for a latching alarm circuit. Unable to source locally. Only RS and they don't have them. Would a triac act in the same way in a DC circuit? Please don't beat me up too mu...Relacement for SCR

Chinese Germanium 1N34 [74 replies]

Posted by M. Hamed - 6 days ago

So I got a bunch of these from China for a couple dollars. How can I tell they are not fakes and does it matter if I'm just going to stash them in my junk box and I don't expect any critical applicati...Chinese Germanium 1N34

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