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Specifying the Maximum Amplifier Noise When Driving an ADC
posted by Rick Lyons

First-Order Systems: The Happy Family
posted by Jason Sachs

Lost Secrets of the H-Bridge, Part IV: DC Link Decoupling and Why Electrolytic Capacitors Are Not Enough
posted by Jason Sachs

April is Oscilloscope Month: In Which We Discover Agilent Offers Us a Happy Deal and a Sad Name
posted by Jason Sachs

March is Oscilloscope Month — and at Tim Scale!
posted by Jason Sachs

Efficiency Through the Looking-Glass
posted by Jason Sachs

How to Estimate Encoder Velocity Without Making Stupid Mistakes: Part II (Tracking Loops and PLLs)
posted by Jason Sachs

Another 10 Circuit Components You Should Know
posted by Jason Sachs

Short Takes (EE Shanty): What shall we do with a zero-ohm resistor?
posted by Jason Sachs

BGA and QFP at Home 1 - A Practical Guide.
posted by Victor Yurkovsky

3 LEDs powered by fingers - puzzle
posted by Henryk Gasperowicz

Series circuit - 3 LEDs
posted by Henryk Gasperowicz

Video: The PN Junction. How Diodes Work?
posted by Stephane Boucher

Two jobs
posted by Stephane Boucher

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I failed a test on elementary electricity!

Posted by Pimpom - 4 hours ago

Does anyone else here use the site I've used it from time to time over the past several years to get a schematic or service manual. The site allows guest downloading of two...I failed a test on elementary electricity!

Wide Band Antenna [12 replies]

Posted by M. Hamed - 10 hours ago

Is there such a things as an antenna that will get me everything from HF to VHF with reasonable strength? I have a BNC telescope antenna that seems to get FM broadcast and higher but very little on...Wide Band Antenna

Truck Starter/solenoid/battery help [38 replies]

Posted by amdx - 1 day ago

> I'm having very intermittent lack of starter rotation on a Toyota > T-100. Over the last 14 years I have replaced the contacts in the > solenoid and more recently (1 to 2 years)...Truck Starter/solenoid/battery help

Notice to Robert Baer [13 replies]

Posted by Jim Thompson - 3 days ago

It is very easy to filter out spam. However it is not easy to filter out your feeding the trolls and thus giving them a podium. Please stop. ...Jim ...Notice to Robert Baer

OT: What is this fastener called... [6 replies]

Posted by Jim Thompson - 3 days ago

OT: What is this fastener called... And where do I get it in metal with ~1/8" loop? (I need to hang some wire baskets on the wall.) ...Jim ...OT: What is this fastener called...

Non Ohmic Constant Voltage Drop "Resistor" [40 replies]

Posted by Bret Cahill - 4 days ago

Most resisters follow ohm's law. The higher the current the greater the voltage drop. Is there any passive device in electronics where the voltage drop is constant no matter the current? Bret...Non Ohmic Constant Voltage Drop "Resistor"

LTspice Seminar in Phoenix [15 replies]

Posted by Jim Thompson - 4 days ago

I don't know how many lurkers here are in the vicinity of Phoenix, but I will be attending the LTspice Seminar... Tuesday, November 4, 2014 8:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. Phoenix, AZ Doubletree by Hilt...LTspice Seminar in Phoenix

Electronics science or art [17 replies]

Started by Unknown 6 days ago

I need to explain if electronics is science or art. Or part science and part art. Which part is science and which part is art? Thanks in advance. ...Electronics science or art

Do you personally use a plastic solderless breadboard? [89 replies]

Posted by Don Kuenz - 1 week ago

Do you personally use a plastic solderless breadboard for your prototypes? If not, what do you use for your prototypes? TIA. -- ...Do you personally use a plastic solderless breadboard?

Widlar's Early Treatise on Semiconductors [22 replies]

Posted by Jim Thompson - 1 week ago

Widlar's Early Treatise on Semiconductors, so large a file to E-mail, I put it up on my website so you can download it... ...Jim Thompson -- | Ja...Widlar's Early Treatise on Semiconductors

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